By Alexandra Demeure 15 May 2023 In France news

France // Change of status open to Ukrainian refugees

France currently hosts about 120,000 Ukrainians under Temporary Protection status. This protection system, designed and activated by European authorities (see our dedicated article) allows Ukrainians fleeing their country because of the ongoing conflict to settle in France and work there freely.


Among these thousands of people, a good number work in France, and their employer sometimes wishes to be able to give them a more permanent migratory status than Temporary Protection, which will eventually be lifted. Consequently, many requests for change of status towards, for example, the status of Talent Passport European Blue Card, have been submitted to the local authorities (prefectures).


In the absence of clear instructions on this unprecedented situation, the authorities were cautious and postponed their decision. Nothing in the texts relating to Temporary Protection prohibits change of status, but nothing allows it explicitly either. Moreover, some European States (for example the Czech Republic) are opposed to such a change of status from the host country, and invite applicants to submit the application from Ukraine, possibly only at the end of the conflict.

We are delighted to confirm that the prefectures are beginning to rule favorably and grant a change of status in France. This is excellent news for the applicants, who can project themselves in France on a more distant horizon, but also for the employers who are assured of not having to take any “last minute” steps as the lifting of the Temporary Protection approaches.  

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