Expert in
professional immigration

Corporate immigration procedure in France

Our team supports you in obtaining professional statuses such as Passeport Talent (Talent Passport), Salarié détaché ICT (ICT seconded employee), French Tech visas

We provide a turnkey file to the employee to present to the consulate

Once in France, we continue to work with the French authorities to finalize the procedure

You host an employee in France with foreign contract ? We submit the transnational posting declaration to the authorities and advise you on documents to keep available for the labor office

Corporate immigration procedure abroad

We identify the best immigration route to follow abroad with the support of our local experts and advise you on conditions and timeline

We manage and monitor closely the procedures to be carried out abroad

In France or in the country of origin, we legalize the documents required by the destination country and organize the visa application

Advisory services

We help you to target the best status for your particular immigration cases, and are able to integrate tax and labor law aspects in our analysis

We anticipate difficulties and offer solutions to help you achieve your goals


We offer training tailored to your needs, on immigration topics but also labor law, taxation and social protection in order to give you a global view of the topics and the tools to better manage your future mobility cases.