By Alexandra Demeure 12 May 2023 In International News

USA // End of Covid-19 vaccination requirement for travelers

US authorities have lifted the requirement for vaccination against the COVID-19 virus for international air travel, effective Friday, May 12, 2023 at 12:01 a.m. EDT.


The requirement of 2 doses of vaccines to enter the US territory had been in place since the borders reopened in November 2021. Today, the lifting of the vaccination obligation also marks the end of the state of health emergency decreed by Washington in January 2020.


President Joe Biden clarifies that in view of the figures on COVID-19 in the United States and at the global level, this measure of control of travelers is no longer necessary.


Find all the details on the White House website and in our partner’s alert.


This alert was prepared based on the information shared by our partner Bruna Frota and her team from INLG, and published with their permission.