By Alexandra Demeure 16 January 2023 In International News

The Netherlands // New salary thresholds for 2023

The Dutch Immigration Authority (IND) published in December the new salary thresholds for the year 2023 for highly skilled workers with non-EU nationalities. These thresholds are indexed annually and set a minimum wage criterion for highly skilled workers in the Netherlands.


Since 1 January 2023, the following thresholds for highly skilled workers are applicable:





Highly skilled migrants younger than 30 years

€ 3.672,00

€ 3.549,00

Highly skilled migrants of 30 years and over

€ 5.008,00

€ 4.840,00

Highly skilled migrants subsequent to a search/orientation year residence permit

€ 2.631,00

€ 2.543,00

Holders of an EU-Blue Card

€ 5.867,00

€ 5.670,00


All salary thresholds are monthly gross amounts excluding holiday allowance. Reimbursements of expenses and fixed allowances (such as a thirteenth month) can be counted in the salary threshold only in case they will be paid out to the employee on a structural and monthly base. The gross monthly salary of highly skilled workers should always be directly paid to the bank account of the highly skilled worker.


Any residence permit application that is submitted with the IND on or before 31 December 2022 will be assessed based on the salary thresholds of the year 2022. This remains applicable even if the contract start date of the highly skilled worker is set in the year 2023. 


This alert was prepared based on the information shared by our partner Claudia de Jager and her team from Eastwing, and published with their permission.