By Alexandra Demeure 10 August 2022 In France news

France // Update on salary thresholds

As previously discussed on this Blog, France conditions eligibility for a certain number of professional immigration statuses on the guarantee of a minimum wage, indexed to the SMIC (minimum interprofessional growth wage). Its amount is regularly reassessed by the authorities, automatically leading to the reassessment of the minimum wages required for foreign workers.


For the third time in 2022, the minimum wage was reassessed on August 1. It should be noted that reassessments of the SMIC usually occur once a year (on January 1). Due to current inflation, it increased in May and is increasing again, this time by around €26 net per month. It now stands at €20,147.40 gross per year, based on 35 hours of work per week.


The gross annual minimum wages required by the immigration authorities are therefore now as follows:

  • Talent passport Employee on assignment (1.8 x SMIC) -> €36,265.32
  • Qualified employee talent passport + JEI / EI employee talent passport (2 x SMIC) -> €40,295
  • Employee (with market test) (SMIC) -> €20,147.40
  • Employee (with RECE and without market test) (1.5 x SMIC) -> €30,221.10

For its part, the salary required for an application for a European Blue Card Talent Passport is not indexed to the minimum wage. It is equal to 1.5 times the amount of the average gross annual reference salary, set since the decree of June 20, 2016 at €35,891. The minimum remuneration offered to applicants for a European Blue Card must therefore be €53,836.50 gross per year, regardless of changes in the minimum wage.


We invite all employers to pay attention to the salary proposed in the new contracts for foreign employees. New applications will need to be at the new lows to be acceptable and insufficient pay will result in the application being rejected.


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