By Alexandra Demeure 28 July 2022 In International News

China // Lifting of PU letter requirement

Gradually from early June 2022, Chinese authority announced cancellation of  official “PU” Invitation Letter to foreigners traveling for employment purposes (first time travel or returning for resuming work). This “PU letter” requirement was put in place during the Covid-19 crisis to limit the number of foreigners travelling to China.  

Foreigners of the first time travel or already holding a valid Work Permit but with expired Residence Permit, can make their work “Z” Visa request to the overseas consulate without PU Letter but standard supplementary documents including a valid pre-employment approval letter – i.e. Notification Letter for Employment – following the updated check list of the concerned Chinese Consulate/Visa Center. 


And gradually from end June 2022, the Chinese authority has further eased the PU Letter policy to foreigners coming for business, family re-union purposes.

Foreigners can now request for a “M” Visa for business/trading, “F” visa for culture exchange, S (S1/S2) or Q (Q1/Q2) Visa for family re-union/visiting without a PU Letter but standard supplementary documents following the updated check list of the concerned Chinese Consulate/Visa Center. 


However, considering the possibility of delay in updating the same policy with the overseas consulates/China visa centers, or to cover potential specific local requirements, we strongly suggest that applicant check ahead with the concerned Consulate/Visa Center to re-confirm the PU Letter requirement and ensure updated policy is followed. 


This alert was prepared by our partner Cher Ho and her team from VisaCare, and published with their permission.