By Alexandra Demeure 21 January 2022 In International News

UK // 5 immigration routes for investors

Brexit obviously marked a major change in UK immigration. Legislation had to be adjusted to the new situation to make sure the UK was still attractive to foreign workers. 



Whilst some situations are still complex to handle (for instance when it comes to service provision to a UK client company), things are now falling into place. In particular, the UK government is trying to ensure that foreign investors are being given opportunities and solutions to emigrate to the UK. The 5 main roads here are:


  • the Investor Visa
  • the Representative of an overseas business Visa
  • the Start-up and Innovator Visas
  • the Intra-company Visa
  • the Skilled worker visa
The two latest options are working visa routes and are common to international mobility employees. As such, they require that the applicant is also an employee of a business, but can still appear useful if other routes are closed. 

In our partner’s extensive analysis available here, read all about these options, their criteria and conditions. 


This alert was prepared based on the information shared by our partner Caryn Toh from Ronald Fletcher Baker LLP, and published with their permission.