By Alexandra Demeure 2 August 2022 In France news

France // Complete lifting of Covid-19 travel restrictions at borders

French authorities have announced the complete lifting of the health control system at the borders on August 1, 2022. This system had been put in place to fight the spread of Covid-19, and regularly adapted and lightened to respond to the evolution of the pandemic in France and around the world.


As a consequence, it is no longer necessary, when one wants to enter France, to present a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test, nor is it needed to evidence a compelling reason (according to the green / amber / red grid which ranked the countries of origin of the trip). It is also no longer required to provide the certificate of absence of symptoms or to commit to undergoing a test if necessary.


Travelers entering France now only have to respect the traditional immigration rules related to their travel document and the possession of a visa.


These travelers being allowed to then travel to the 25 other countries of the Schengen Area, as per the circulation rules in force, it should be noted that the situation is not the same everywhere. Some countries, such as Germany, Austria, Belgium or Switzerland have also lifted entry restrictions from outside Schengen. However, others such as Spain, the Netherlands or Polanddo  continue to limit entry to certain categories of travelers and/or vaccinated people.

In any case, this lifting turns out to be a major return to the classic rules of entry into French territory, and a relief for travelers.

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