By Alexandra Demeure 29 September 2021 In France news

France // Raise in minimum wage

France is conditioning eligibility to a number of work statuses to minimum wages, indexed to the French minimum wage called “SMIC”. On 1st October, the SMIC will be re-evaluated and subject to a raise of 2,2%.


As a consequence, all immigration-related minimum wages indexed to it will raise too. Applications submitted from 1 October on will need to meet these new thresholds to be acceptable. The new gross annual minimum wages, on a 35h/week basis, will accordingly be:

  • Passeport talent Salarié en mission (1,8 x SMIC) -> 34,332.60€
  • Passeport talent Salarié qualifié + Passeport talent Salarié JEI (2 x SMIC) -> 38,147.28€
  • Salarié (with labor market test) (SMIC) -> 19,073.64€
  • Salarié (with RECE and no labor market test) (1,5 x SMIC) -> 28,610.52€

We invite all employers to pay attention to wages in new contracts drafted for foreigners, as failing to comply with the above will lead to rejection of the application.


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